tile roof repair Clearwater FL

tile roof repair Clearwater FL

A tile roof is a beautiful part of any home. Here in Florida, tile roofs are popular, and they are extremely durable. Sometimes, however, you will encounter a problem with a tile roof. It is best to call a professional to handle tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL. At Excel Exteriors, we have years of experience with the installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of roofs, including tile. We are happy to assist you with any roofing needs.

Does My Tile Roof Need Repair?

Although a tile roof is very reliable, some things can go wrong. Over time, some tiles can suffer damage. The most common problem with tile roofs is cracking. Tiles are often made of clay, which can break or crack. Small cracks can develop in older tiles. Large cracks or breaks can also happen. If you notice leaking inside your home, it may be due to a problem with the tiles or with the underlayment beneath the tiles. It is best to call a professional for tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL.

How to Repair a Tile Roof

A tile roof can be tricky to repair unless you are a professional roofer. If a tile has a small crack, a roofer may be able to make a repair without removing the tile. When a tile is cracked or broken, you typically need to replace the tile or a series of tiles. If there is a leak, the roofer will need to remove some of the tiles to evaluate and possibly replace the underlayment. At Excel Exteriors, Inc, we offer complete roofing services, including tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL. Tile roofs can be dangerous, so it is best to leave the repairs to a skilled team of experts with the equipment and experience to handle the roof repairs.

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last?

A tile roof may last for several or more decades with proper maintenance. You should get your roof inspected every year and get repairs done right away. In many cases, minor repairs are extremely affordable. We can replace or repair one or several tiles, and your roof will last for many more years. At Excel Exteriors, Inc, we have many years of experience with tile roof repair in Clearwater, FL. We will provide an inspection and give you an estimate for the repair work before we begin. If the roof has severe damage or is at the end of its useful life, we will provide you with options for replacement.

Call Excel Exteriors

Whether you have a leak in your home or you notice damage to the roof tiles, we are here to help. With more than 10,000 projects completed and 100% customer satisfaction, we are your reliable roofing service in Clearwater. We understand how to fix tile roofs, and we will complete the repairs quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We will ensure that your roof will look good and perform properly. Contact us by phone or online to schedule a free 30-minute inspection of your roof.

tile roof repair Clearwater FL

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tile roof repair Clearwater FL

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