How to Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy Season

Aug 12, 2021 | Rainy Season

Even though the Cali-monsoon rainy season has been drier than usual, one can never be too sure of when the weather may turn around and the cloud burst rain. The average inches of rainfall recorded in California has been 15 inches for 2019-2020. As the monsoon season is approaching, it is high time that people start preparing their roofs just in case there is more rain and thunder than expected.

So here are some essential tips for preparing your roof for the upcoming rainy season and the necessary precautions every homeowner should take to ensure their roof can take the incoming rain without causing any leaks or damage.

Roof Inspection

The number one step that everyone should take is to properly inspect their roofs ahead of time for any damages resulting from wear and tear from the previous seasons and natural elements. Start by walking the entire roof strip and looking for signs of breakage, buildups, debris, molds, or damage. This inspection will give you a clearer picture in order to go forward with your maintenance work. Of course, it is even better to take professional advice and have a roofing expert conduct the inspection.

Checkout the Gutters

Gutters are the most essential when it comes to ensuring your roofs are ready to take heavy rainfall. Start by clearing out the gutters and removing any debris, buildup, or blockage forming in or around them.  Check the downspouts to make sure the water flows smoothly and there are no clogs or impediments. If you are having a roofing expert come over, ask them to check if the water is flowing smoothly by using high water pressure through the gutters.

Shingle Maintenance

Cali weather can get extremely hot or cold depending on what part of the state you reside in. However, the residential and commercial roofing shingles go through yearly wear and tear process due to weather extremes and natural elements, making it important for an annual damage repair. Understandably, roof shingles are the first line of defense against rain and should be checked before every change of season for any potential damage. Whether it is small rips and tears or severe damage like warping and cracking, it is important to address the damage appropriately. Otherwise, be ready to welcome the rainwater inside. A roofing expert should be able to help you repair or replace any damaged roof shingles.

Cut off Nearby Dead Trees and Overgrown Plantations

As the weather changes, it may bring on harsh winds and storms, and any dead trees or overhanging branches tend to fall over your roof and cause severe damage. Hence, it is important to trim nearby trees if they have grown fuller or completely cut off the dead tree branches and overhanging plantations, resulting in roof damage or breakage during the rainy season.

Check Flashing

Flashing is a thin material laid flat against the roof to prevent water from entering through any openings or cracks in the roof fittings. As it is placed under the roof, it helps redirect the water to another location. However, flashing becomes very durable against these elements due to continuous usage and should be checked for damage. If you see holes, rust, or cracks, it may lead to leakage if left unchecked over time. So make sure to check the flashing ahead of the rains and for added precaution, ask your roofing contractor to install new flashing around doors, gutter, chimneys, and windows.

Check Skylights

Skylights are also a potential threat that can lead to leakage and water entering the house. Therefore, make sure all the skylights are properly secured and sealed. Whether you have them installed in the garage, attic, or anywhere else around the house, do not disregard the damage a small skylight dripping water can cause. Ask your roof expert to address the situation accordingly.

Bottom Line – Repair Small to Avoid Big

It is vital to make sure that you don’t disregard small leaks, drips, and cracks because once the heavy rain hit, these smaller repairs will become severe damages. Hence, make sure you repair the small damages in time to avoid big ones in the future. Reliance Roofing has a team of experienced roofing experts and contractors for both residential and commercial roofing properties. We provide roof replacement, roof removal, new roofs, roof repair, roof framing, and much more.

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© 2021 Reliance Roofing. Lic # 1030640

Workers Compensation. Fully Insured. OSHA Compliant.

© 2021 Reliance Roofing. Lic # 1030640

Workers Compensation. Fully Insured. OSHA Compliant.