7 Things to Look Out for When Getting Your Commercial Roof Repair

Jul 12, 2021 | Roof Repair

If you aim to muddle your way through your commercial roof repair with some DIY hacks you saw, just stop. While you can carry out inspection and minor changes, repairing a commercial roof can be a whole different story.

Commercial roofs have several layers to them called membranes. These membranes are what protect the giant structure from mother nature and keep it safe. If your roof is well maintained, chances are you won’t need a repair soon. However, if it is time for a commercial roof restoration, here is what you must look out for:

Is My Roof Ponding?

Apart from strong winds, heavy rain and ponding can be damaging to a property. Water accumulation may be damaging your property faster than you thought. The issue of ponding can be caused by blocked drainage or a faulty one. Have an expert staff member to look out for any building concerns, like so, regularly. To avoid any fungus formation or permanent damage to the roof’s membrane, consider getting that commercial roof restoration soon.

Will I Benefit From a Repair?

Inspect the property to see if your roof will be in perfect condition after a repair or not. Sometimes just a repair might not be enough when your property’s roof has reached its end. Since commercial roof repairs are easier on the pocket than a complete replacement, make sure you hire a reliable company that knows what they are doing. This will ensure you are in good hands and prevent you from making wrong decisions.

Which Material Will Work Best?

Having know-how of things is needed when you have to get your property fixed. Get some insight into the commercial roofing materials in the market. Here are a few materials you could consider:

  1. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer – generally consists of a single layer and is easier to install. This is used for buildings with low-slope roofs.
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride – high quality and long-lasting for commercial rooftops. It is recommended for areas with tougher climates.
  3. Thermoplastic Polyolefin – protects from chemical exposures, ozone, and UV rays. This material is perfect for resisting fires, chemicals, and harsh winds.

Consider more environmentally friendly options when choosing the right material. Avoid roofing materials with phosphorus-emitting pollutants and get more eco-friendly and green-certified products.

Additionally, the roofing material you had installed before might not be working well for you if you had to consider a replacement sooner than you expected. Consulting an expert might be the way to go, and your research might keep you at ease when considering a new material for reinstalment.

Is the Contractor Renewing Everything?

Be sure of how the contractor plans on handling the roof replacement. Ask about the old roof and what will happen to it. If your roof requires total restoration, a good service provider will let you know about it first. A common mistake made by amateur contractors is installing a new roof over an old one. Doing this saves some cash for sure but gets you in bigger trouble sooner than you’d anticipate.

Will Insurance Pay For The Reparation?

Considering your commercial property is insured by a company, you might want to check up with them when thinking about a repair or replacement. In cases where the damage was caused due to harsh weather, checking up with your insurance provider is the right way to go about it. Some contractors, if not all, will assist you with processing a claim if need be. This can save you much cost as the insurance company will pay for the damage caused to your property.

Is My Paperwork Done Right?

You must have gathered while staying in business for years now that paperwork is important for getting any new venture off the ground. The papers you need for your commercial roof repair must include how much the cost will be and how long it will take for the reparation process. Ensure that you are permitted to repair the roof and that the new roof is legal. The agreement between the contractor and you will also include what the servicer is liable for in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Do I Have a Maintenance Plan?

Great that you have a new roof now, and everything looks perfect. However, to keep it looking new, you must have a maintenance plan. Hire a roofer for routine checkups or expert personnel within your company for all building maintenance. The routine checks for your rooftop will avoid any problems escalating.

Moreover, it’s good to have a company on board for all sorts of repair and maintenance, and you should avoid reaching out to other companies as the contractor that tore down your roof to install a new one will know best about how to tackle any tears and slashes.

Need a Professional Team To Help Out?

Commercial roof repairs can be a stressful and costly consideration. Make sure you are making the right decision by hiring experts who have experience. Reliance Roofing is a one-stop solution for all your commercial and residential roofing concerns. With over 30 years of experience, they deal with the removal, maintenance, and restoration of commercial rooftops. Contact the team and get yourself a free consultation today.

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© 2021 Reliance Roofing. Lic # 1030640

Workers Compensation. Fully Insured. OSHA Compliant.

© 2021 Reliance Roofing. Lic # 1030640

Workers Compensation. Fully Insured. OSHA Compliant.